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Bear witness to the flower that blooms in adversity! Image China’s Dance Drama Mulan will blossom on Sunday, September 24, LIVE at the Wang Theatre. The saga–starring Hao Ruoqi as the titular warrior–depicts the trials and tribulations of a young woman who takes her father’s place in the army. Setting off on a heroic quest to defend her homeland, she must cross blades against the invading Huns while fighting a raging battle with her inner self. In its US debut, the Lotus Award-winning stage drama marks a cultural exchange from the China Arts and Entertainment Group. It features two hours of classical dance, martial arts, and music, with forty-five performers choreographed by Zhou Liya and Han Zhen. The Wang Theater will host the two-show stint in Boston, Massachusetts. An enduring memory of the Renaissance, the indoor venue offers a stunning backdrop for the visiting production. Click the button above for tickets to Image China: Dance Drama Mulan this September!

Image China is bringing Mulan, its award-winning dance drama, LIVE at the Wang Theatre! The exhibition will play for two days, with its second show on September 24. Take your friends and family, and together, experience the chronicles of the young woman whose bravery transcended genders and generations!

The US premiere of this theatrical spectacle represents the China Arts and Entertainment Group's cultural exchange initiative. Since 2009, its brand, Image China, has showcased other major productions across North America in a bid to share the history of Chinese performing arts with the world. In 2018, Mulan won China's highest honor for dance–the revered Lotus Award for Dance Drama.

How far will you go for your family's honor? During the turbulent times of ancient China, the tale follows a daughter who prepares for war in place of her ailing father. Casting herself into the image of a man, Hao Mulan embarks on a journey fraught with peril. There are two battles she must face: one against the encroaching legion of Huns and the other, a struggle deep inside her own soul. For about two hours, audiences will enjoy a story of love, family devotion, and liberating self-discovery!

Hao Ruoqi, principal dancer for the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, will star as the courageous Hao Mulan. Supporting her is a 45-strong dancing ensemble instructed by acclaimed choreographers Zhou Liya and Han Zhen.

"Usually, you see a lot of lifting in pair dances, and the female role always appears to be soft and beautiful. However, Mulan has a righteous and strong character. The wushu fight is a challenge to the dancers, who have to conquer another body movement method when practicing."

The production combines classical Chinese dance with martial arts, portraying the harmony of strength and grace. Meanwhile, the set design incorporates a circular revolving stage, which signifies the eternal cycle of life, death, and remembrance.
Situated in Boston, Massachusetts, the Wang Theatre opens its door for the highly anticipated exhibition. The venue–an astonishing feat of Renaissance architecture–offers its historical backdrop and high-end amenities for attending crowds.

Don't miss out on the second (and last) showing of Image China's Dance Drama MULAN on Sunday, September 24, at the Wang Theatre, Boston. Get your tickets now!

Image China at Wang Theater At The Boch Center

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