The venue was first opened in 1925 as The Metrapolitan Theatre, designed by Clarence Blackhall and developed by Max Shoolman. Considered one of the most culturally significant Boston landmarks in the “Roaring Twenties,” with similar architecture and decor to to a Louis XIV palace – crystal chandeliers, towering columns and marble doorways created a setting that delighted and enthralled visitors who came to see vaudeville performances, big bands, and movies.

As the years went by, the theatre’s splendour fell into disrepair. In 1980, however, Dr. An and Lorraine Wang stepped in and restored the building to its former glory in 1983 and created the Wang Center For The Performing Arts. Today, the venue boasts one of the largest stages in the country and seating capacity for up to 3,500 patrons, and is a proud host to some of the most renowned touring theatrical, dance and musical performances in the world.

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