Girls Gotta Eat at Wang Theatre

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Wang Theatre | Boston, Massachusetts

Calling all SNACKHEADS! Your favorite girls who talk about anything under the sun on dating, sex, and relationships, Ashely Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg, are taking Girls Gotta Eat to the live stage on the Snack City Tour! Known for their juicy sex tips, relationship advice, and f*ckboy detection, the comedy podcast is coming off of your screens and onto the live stage at Wang Theatre on Sunday, 20th of May 2023. Entertaining and empowering audiences through the power of female friendship and "never settling for bad sex", get ready to snack, laugh, and take home a lesson or two at the Snack City Tour by booking your tickets now!

Girls Gotta Eat at Wang Theatre

Hosted by comedy goddesses Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine, their comedy-gold podcast, Girls Gotta Eat, has empowered and entertained audiences around the globe since 2018. From sexual fetishes to money-saving tips, the iconic women have covered various topics by spicing things up, cracking jokes and hilarious tales, and empowering each and every listener.

"We believe in SELF-CARE, THE POWER OF FEMALE FRIENDSHIP, AND NEVER SETTLING FOR BAD SEX. We love nothing more than bringing our wild show on the road and meeting our "SNACKHEADS" around the globe." the duo's website says.

Bringing their blockbuster podcast to live stages and theaters across multiple cities, Girls Gotta Eat is dead-set to answer the following questions:

"Why do guys just want to f*ck you once, then watch your Instagram stories until the end of time? How do you get over a breakup when you feel like you're gonna die? When should you give it up? My boyfriend takes morning baths: IS THIS WEIRD?"

You can expect Greenberg and Hesseltine to share hilarious tales, empowering advice, and a big serving of laughs at the Snack City Tour.

Having invited therapists, authors, comedians, and dating experts throughout their blockbuster episodes, Girls Gotta Eat is one serious podcast with a comedic kick as they explore different aspects of life. Together, they "feel very empowered to give advice to people".

Believing in self-care, the power of female friendship, and never settling for bad sex, as their website narrates, Girls Gotta Eat looks forward to bringing their wild show on the road and meeting their very own 'snackheads' face to face beyond their virtual screens.

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Girls Gotta Eat at Wang Theatre

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