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Wang Theater At The Boch Center | Boston, Massachusetts

Donny Osmond

The hit music icon will land in the city of Boston as Donny Osmond, with his Las Vegas Production, arrives for their “Direct From Vegas” Tour on Sunday, 30th of June, at Wang Theatre, Massachusetts. Putting on a show in selected cities across the US, Donny Osmond and the gang will showcase a musical blast in Boston with his versatile and strong voice, accompanied by his award-winning production, to give you a taste of Broadway-style shows that you will surely enjoy. With 33 gold records and over 100 million albums sold on his bag, Donny Osmond will turn the live stages into his spotlight as he displays his 60-year exemplary musical experience all throughout the night. Featuring his greatest tracks, including "Puppy Love," "Any Dream Will Do," and his hit Mulan song I’ll "Make A Man Out Of You," Donny Osmond will put you on a rollercoaster of emotions all night for a magical musical performance LIVE that you never want to miss out on. Grab your tickets now!

The man, the myth, the legend is coming here to Massachusetts as Donny Osmond, together with his Las Vegas Production, will wreak musical havoc for their “Direct From Vegas” Tour on Sunday, 30th of June, at Wang Theatre, Boston. Get ready to be amused by the great talent of Donny Osmond as he delivers his folk-based tunes LIVE that will make you groove and jive all night.

The show also includes an exclusive segment for the audiences to request any Donny Osmond song to be performed on the spot. This not only shows Osmond's connection to his fans but also showcases his profound musicality, which is proof that he is one of the pioneers of the music industry in the country. Also, Osmond partnered with City of Hope to give part of the ticket sales directly to them to support their foundation in their fight for cancer, diabetes, and such. This show will not just give you a superb musical experience but will also provide you with a chance to help the ones in need as Donny Osmond leads the night for you to join LIVE!

Bagging over 100 million album sales and 33 gold records, Donny Osmond solidifies his name in the musical industry with his 60-year contribution to the scene. Recognized as one of the best entertainers in the world, Donny Osmond will take it all to LIVE stages as he performs his best hits, including "Puppy Love," "Any Dream Will Do," and Mulan’s I’ll "Make A Man Out Of You," that will leave you in awe while listening. Together with his award-winning Las Vegas Production, an exciting and thrilling Broadway-type show you will witness as he fronts its way to the hearts of live audiences to give you a musical show you will never forget.

"The audience experiences a 90-minute spectacle as he performs the timeless hits, shares stories of his greatest show-stopping memories, and introduces brand new music in a new, completely reimagined song and dance celebration."

The “Direct From Vegas” Tour by Donny Osmond with his Las Vegas Production will be held in the prestigious Wang Theatre in Boston. Equipped with its fine ambiance, stellar musical facilities, and state-of-the-art acoustics, our main man had no time to waste as he hit the stages with his marvelous spirit and great singing skills honed by his experience. No more buts or ifs, and be present in this once-in-a-lifetime gig as Donny Osmond delivers a smooth and funky musical that you will enjoy wholeheartedly. Grab your tickets now!

Donny Osmond at Wang Theater At The Boch Center

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